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Western Union (How to use Western Union to pay):


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Western union and Bank Wire payments can be made from the comfort of your phone.



Customers from these countries can send western union payment by credit card by phone. The detail you can check

How to make your payment: 


It is important that you must read the email about the order invoice that we send you to confirm the amount before sending payment. Once we have confirmed your order we will send you the details as our western union information in the order invoice, which you will be asked for when you send the money by phone.


   Please note: It will be cheaper to make your payment at your local western union office rather than using the phone service. You can find western union service in almost every post office around the world. Log on to to find the office nearest you.


The cheapest option for large orders is international bank wire. Please contact us at


E-mail:[email protected] for more details.


After you pay via Western Union, please send us MTCN, money senders full name and your personal information (first name. last name. address). This will ensure your money is received by


Bank Transfer:


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After you pay via Bank Transfer, please contact us about your payment. Thank you.


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1. Network Layer: Security is guaranteed at this level with a powerful firewall.
2. Systematic layer: Anti-hawker, anti-virus and loophole scanning systems are in place at this level.
3. Application layer: An SSL certificate issued by an industry renowned and respected authentication certificate provider is installed, providing confidentiality, authenticity, and integrity guarantees as well as a secure environment for online data input.
Readable and usable information is not available to hackers who may have obtained encrypted information without the secret cryptography required to decipher the encrypted information. is therefore able to ensure confidentiality of the payment information, integrity of the payment process and legal identification of consumers and merchants as well as the whole process of the payment system.